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About us

Echo Cove was founded by Richard Schreuer in 2014. For over 20 years Richard served as SVP and Chief Methodologist Chadwick Martin Bailey, where he helped grow the company into the highly respected research firm it is today. He founded Echo Cove out of a desire to establish a small, agile market research firm, with the flexibility to take on engagements he feels passionately about.

A different kind of research firm.

At Echo Cove we have created a company that offers a unique value proposition that melds the benefits of small and large companies into one dynamic firm.

Like the best large firms…
We have deep experience across industries and types of research, employ state-of-the-art techniques, have worked with some of largest brands in the country, and have often presented at industry conferences.

Like the best small firms…
Founder Rich Schreuer leads all 
engagements and is always directly accessible (your project is not handled by an account exec or junior researcher), research designs are fully customized, we are fast and flexible, and due to little overhead our prices are relatively low.

Our recipe for success

At Echo Cove we have five core principles that ensure all our engagements are successful:

1. Focus on business decisions.
We begin engagements clarifying clients’ business decisions and then design research to provide the needed information and insights. This approach ensures our studies are always “actionable.”

2. Involve information-users.
We gain input from “internal customers” to clarify business decisions and information needs through an initial working session, using engaging exercises and activities.

3. Strive for simple designs.
Great insight can often be drawn from a simple, cost-effective research design, provided it’s approached with creativity. We strive for simplicity but use state-of-the-art tools and techniques as needed.

4. Make our clients’ lives easy.
Our project management processes and tools make it easy for clients to get status updates and track progress. Our customized reporting means minimal rework.

5. Build on recent innovations.
Our research designs incorporate insights into decision-making from the field of Behavior Economics and new statistical tools that are making complex data more actionable.