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Our Specialties

At Echo Cove we have experience across numerous types of research. Unlike many firms, all our work is fully customized, drawing on proven approaches but never forcing research to fit an existing “product” or “model.” We bring state-of-the art techniques but are also skilled at creating simple, descriptive designs when budgets are tight.


While many companies focus on one approach, we are agnostic. We learn about the business decisions at hand and select the best type of segmentation to provide actionable recommendations.

Brand Positioning 

Purchasers select a brand because it provides compelling emotional and rational benefits. Thus, we build positioning on the most motivating and distinctive benefits.

Brand Evaluation, Audit

Our holistic approach measures perceived brand benefits, customer experiences and market communications to assess brand health and provide recommendations regarding where and how to focus improvement activities.

Customer Experience & Loyalty

Providing exceptional customer experiences is the key to building true loyalty.  We assess experiences, benchmark against competitors and identify the specific improvements that will have the greatest impact on loyalty and brand image.

Product Development & Pricing

Product Development & Pricing. With our state-of-the-art techniques and interactive simulators we help clients select the optimum combination of features and price to maximize share, revenue or profit, depending on the product strategy.

Ad Hoc

(Research that doesn’t fall into a category like those listed above) are often the most difficult to get right because they are not built off existing models. Echo Cove excels here because Richard leads every project, while at most traditional firms these “one-off’ projects are delegated to less experienced staff.